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TBH I prefer Ni200 I find easier to make coils with, it has excellent temp regulation and gives the best vape IMO, the low res issue has gone with the DNA200, you can't dry burn it until it's glowing red but you can dry burn at 600 F to get rid of most of the gunk.  It's difficult truisms have come over form people using other temp limiting boards that can mislead you EG you need res lock and max the power to get the coils to temp quickly.
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I enjoy ni200 and titanium for TC, however I work all day on nickle and titanium alloys.  Please note this statement is NOT to mean nickle and vaping are an issue, but I do want to minimize my exposure to nickel to strictly work at this moment. The second I am done with this job you can bet dollars to diamonds i will be pulling my nickle wire back out. The temps involved with vaping and nickle and the 'paranoia' in the uneducated minds is so misguided its sad.  The temps required for nickle to have a chemical reaction are so high at atmospheric pressure, you would need to be able to get nickel into about 1300F. 

Yeah I'm coming from mech mod, kanger subox and a yihi chip from an ipv so my actual working knowledge of temp control is pretty limited.  I did enjoy the ni200 on my ipv4s a lot, but i couldn't get titanium for it to try it, mostly because i didn't put the effort into it outside of my brick and mortar store (I am a fanatic about supporting small local business).

I digressed, from my perspective and the general vaping community I am exposed to in my area is very 'what is my out of the box experience going to be.' Thanks to their conveniences such as iphones and things like that.  So, most people aren't willing to put in the effort to learn how to adapt to a new device.  So, they don't build much, if at all.  However if someone does want a more versatile vaping experience I want to be able to suggest to them something like this mod and update the software for them and say enjoy. 
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