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It is Christmas and many people will be quite busy [smile]

It would be interesting to see any update from him on this though

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TCR and CSV files are the exact same thing within a given range. if your CSV file has only two points, room temperature and 600*F the result would be identical as a TCR value. however, usually in a CSV file it is separated into temperature ranges. so you have one TCR from room temp-300*, 300-350, 350-400, 400-450, 450-500, 500-550, and 550-600. if the change in resistance varies with temperature than this will give you the best overall result. if the TCR stays constant across temperature than it wont make a difference. materials like SS dont vary much at all. however, as is easily seen in steam engine this isnt the case with nickel. in the case of nickel the TCR is determined at what someone at some point decided was the "ideal temperature" and looked at the TCR between room temperature and that point. therefore at that specific temperature the TCR will be very accurate. however, the more you stray from that temperate the more inaccurate the temperature will be. keep in mind that this is with the proper values. because without that neither would be accurate .
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