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Hello, I want to know if the model Turnigy nano-tech 950mah 3S dimensions 72x25x20mm is compatible with vaporshark dna200, and if I can install connectors xt30 instead of banana pins.

Sorry for my bad English, I am French ^^.

thank you in advance .


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Just check your dimensions of your current battery in the mod, if they are the same or the replacement slightly smaller it would be fine, and the same would apply for the connectors, as long as there's space for an XT30 all would be good, but i think you may be limited for space so may have to keep the bullet connectors.

By the way your English is very good, just wish i could say the same about my French.

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@MickVap..... I deleted your duplicate post since you are getting replies here..  No reason to look in two areas for your answers... [smile]

Ths video is not much help but shows the internals...

I am not an employee of and do not represent Evolv Inc.  My opinions are just that and are not meant to be fact or even correct.

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