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RCM Vapes

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I have 2 brand new boards that are not recognized by any of my Windows systems that recognize other devices. I have uninstalled and reinstalled escribe numerous times trying to resolve the issue. I have also sent a RMA request and have not gotten a response in over a week. 
Attached are screens of the error message from each board.dna recieved 20 mar.png  dna recieved 3 apr.png


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The 250s need battery power to connect IIRC, sorry I have not got a board handy to double check, but you can power via crocodile clips to check as it is only tiny current when not vaping.


Just took the batteries out of my VTC167 and it will connect, I have a feeling older fw will not, but that may be from the beta group, try powering the board, different cables and rebooting your PC.  Otherwise the boards may have issues, but that is extremely like for 2 boards.

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