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So, I talked a friend into buying a DNA device (because they're great, and who wouldnt want one) and now he's got an issue I can't solve. I'm inclined to think its a mod end problem, but thought I would ask for advice before he sends it in to the manufacturer.  

As of this morning the mod is displaying Imbalanced battery with three different sets of identical married batteries. All three sets are LG HB2's, purchased at the same time. All reading 4.2v on a 6 bay efest charger. I've checked the charge on all of them rather than just take someones word, so at least I know what he's working with for a charge.

The imbalanced battery is always cell 1.  Cell 2 is also reading abnormally high with all 3 sets also.  I've included a csv of the device monitor while firing. All I can think is that a ground is loose at cell 1, but again, hopefully you've got more insight than I have. 

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this is most likely a problem with the board. anytime the cells are reading all over the place, it's usually the analog front end that has died. depending on where he bought the triade, if there is still a warranty on the entire mod, i would ask about a return. evolv does warranty the board for 1 year after after purchase. there is also a lost vape repair center here in the U.S. link for both evolv and repair center are located in my signature.
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