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My triade suddenly stopped working yesterday. Every time I press the button the screen lights up then when I release it turns off.

In escribe it's saying cell 1 is 0.31v. Cell 2 is 2.97v and cell 3 is 3.94v with externally charged full batteries. Have tried different batteries also.

Any help ?

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Since you have fully charged batteries it may be that there is a connectivity issue within the battery sled or you may now have some faulty wiring at the sled (such as a wire that has come loose). Also a loose ground can cause strange things to occur. If still in warranty you might contact the vendor first and then, if needed, you can start a ticket at Evolv explaining the issue. They will instruct you from there and they may have you send them just the Evolv board to be checked, but they make that decision.  Just my thoughts from the info you provided.

Also Lost Vape repair center link:


I am not an employee of and do not represent Evolv Inc.  My opinions are just that and are not meant to be fact or even correct.

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