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Hi all, wondering if anyone can offer some help or advice.

I've had my therion 166 for about 4 months now and yesterday i changed the batteries for some freshly charged ones and the mod now wont turn on.
I've check the batteries are installed correctly, tried some fixes in escribe i've found in other threads (resets, restoring defaults etc).
I've noticed when i plug it in to my computer the screen comes on very dimly and i can adjust the wattage, but it wont recognise atomisers, fire or actually charge up.
Escribe is showing one battery with a lot more voltage than the other, if thats a clue.

Thanks for any help anyone can provide

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Can you post a screen shot of the Mod tab in Escribe & one of the Device Monitor...

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Had exactly the same issue and it stopped working under the same circumstances. I took my mod apart and saw that one of the battery contacts on the bottom had a wire that become disconnected. I soldered it back to the contact (spring loaded) and it started working again.
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