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Hi all,

Had my Therion for a few weeks now and noticed that everytime i put a freshly charged pair of batteries in, the mod will only show 93%. 

I am using an external charger to charge the pair of batteries and even tried putting them in as soon as its done charging and it is not showing the correct percentage.

Soft cell cut off set at 2.75v and i can run the mod to 0% and when i put the batteries into the charger it is showing 3.1v (not sure if this is relevant but thought id include as much info).

Batteries are married and are brand new from when i got the Therion.

Both batts discharge at the same rate so theres no issue there.

I know it may not show 100% as I have a DNA200 mod which only shows 99% most of the time with fresh batts, however for the therion to only show 93% something seems off.

Just wondering if anyone else has come across this and if it is normal or if there is a setting im missing.



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What does the mod read the cell/pack voltage as in device monitor? if it is 4.19 or more what are your battery settings on the mod tab (you need display options - advanced to see them)
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3.1v depleted at rest sounds about right due to voltage sag under load. Assuming your cells are reading 4.20v each in the device monitor when fully charged, you likely just need to tweak your Wh setting on the Mod tab and maybe double check your battery .csv file.
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