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Originally Posted by black lace

sorry to put my two penneth worth in but..
not the best of attys for the money you pay, bottom center pin doesn't make a sound contact with whatever you screw into or onto it, (replacement coil or coil deck base doesn't meet the top of that center pin very well) -- (if your connections are not solid you may get temp protect flashing up before any vapour)
pull the centre pin out
put a blob of solder on the top of it
put it back in
then when you screw in your build deck you can see you have a solid connection because the centre pin will get pushed .5mm out the bottom of the atty.

you will never get a sound reading until you have established a sound consistent connection.

I also own two sub tanks and also two lemo v2, and had to lengthen the bottom pins from new straight out the box before even bothering to put near a mod,
also the pre-built coils ive seen are so tightly wicked they don't perform very well with high vg juice, no flow, good for supporting hair thin wire from distorting, but nothing els..
i have to agree with you when it comes to me owning two STM's and a lemo drop. they have been the worst performers for tc, in terms of stability. the lemo being the worst. i had to retire one STM do to it not behaving in regular good ole power mode. the lemo is ok most of the time, but only with kanthal. i don't bother to try and do tc with those type of tanks anymore. i find the design of my aromamizer's 510 to be the best for tc, along with a few other RTA's that don't use premade heads.

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I really can't see the need for adjustable centre pins on atty's, it's just a throw back from the days of mech mods.

A fixed solid connection is required for stability. I have a number of Squape atty's that suffered badly from inconsistent connection of the centre pin.
I fixed them by stripping 5-6 strands  from some 18 gauge siicon wire and putting that down the threaded hole in the base and then screwing in the centre pin,
it bites into the wire and makes a better connection.

I'm a temp limiting vaper although although the temp control route is just as viable and I can see why some use that.  I don't see the DNA 200 as a temp controlled device,
I feel a true temp controlled device would maintain a set temp by controlling the time the power is supplied, the power being a constant and the time variable. I'm not sure that would make for a good vape experience though.
Cutting the power as it is now in my view makes it a temp limiting device. Just my thoughts.
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