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I have been using the DNA75 for the last couple of weeks and I have been loving it! 

There is only one issue, which I discussed in another topic. Regardless, I wanted to bring attention solely on this particular problem that I feel can be improved. 

The problem is this: Whenever I swap out my battery for another one, the chip is turned off and tends to forget my coil after I power it up with the fresh battery installed. The coil is then read wrongly and my vape experience becomes worsened, more unstable and not as it is normally. I am using SS temp control, btw.

My question is - is it realistic to expect that something can be done to change this without breaking the technology that you use to adapt coil sensing? The way I see it, you would want unlocked coils to be forgotten after the shut down idle time has passed. Then the mod wakes up and re-analyzes the coil, which has been cooled down in the idle time. 

But this does not work well when you swap a cell and turn the chip off, then wake it up in less than 1 minute. Is there any clever engineering that can solve this issue?

Thank you for reading.

edit: Forgot to mention that a user suggested swapping cells when the device is connected to a USB source of power. I do this and have no problems at all. Yet, this can't always be done. Especially on the road. 
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