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Well, hello there guys.
I am currently working in SolidWorks on my own custom boxmod with DNA200.
I can't figure out how the screen is mounted and kept in place inside the mod. Should it just be pressed down to the surface of the mod's body by the chip itself or should there be any kind of craddle/mount in order to prevent it from undesired movement? Any thoughts on this?

By the way, I've seen reference case model from here. And there's a space around the screen cutout from the inner side (you may see it on a related pic), which is I believe is made for screen. Why does it have such a strange shape with these round'ish cutouts?
I think this could be a nice decision, but I need to figure out how it should be done.

I'd be very grateful if you helped me.
Thank you.


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a lot of people have used doubled sided foam tape to position the screen atop the board then board is mounted in enclosure. other people have used a non conductive putty in place of the foam tape. my two cents...
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This is what I've been doing for my DNA200's and DNA250's:

I cut a small piece of closed cell foam and wrap it with electrical tape with the sticky part on the outside. I try to make a point to touch the sticky part so it's not so sticky. 


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a small piece of double sided tape attaching the screen to the board works well and if you don't press it hard you can reposition it till it's just right then press it a bit more, I then lock it in place with a dab of hot glue on each side before peeling the screen protective layer off

the funky shape of that opening pictured is because a milling bit will leave round corners, in order for the sharp square corners of the screen to sit into the opening these reliefs are used to allow the rounded corners to not interfere with the pointed corners of the screen
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I just tack epoxi glue the screen to the inside of a metal enclosure and then fit the wired up board to the screen and support the board with 1.6mm through bolts, i can allways put a bit moor glue around the screen once satisfied its central, i'm sure its not critical but i've got a bit moor air flow around the board, rarther than packing the back of the screen. Oh yeh if you do it this way.. as a hint, the pixle area of the screen display has a purple tinge to it, so if you look carefuly you can center it up to the slot easy..
For the refrence type mods where you have to offer the whole assembly in, you can get the cradles and fittings from Stealth vape..
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