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So, I recently purchased my first dna device, a Therion 166 that I expect from day to day in my mailbox. I would like to fine tune it as much as i can and finding out the internal resistance is essential if i get it right. From what i read in other forums Lost Vape doesnt have a preset value for the internal resistance of their mods so i have to figure it out myself. I've seen a few methods such as a dripper base with a copper piece to short it or a copper plug which seems the best but it would cost me more than 30 bucks to order it where i live which i find ridiculous for a piece of metal. So the first method is what i get i guess... But, even though im far from an expert in electronics i think that the added resistance of the driper base will make my measurements extremely inaccurate. Is that true? Also, any other methods? Does any of you who owns a Therion knows already the internal resistance?
Thanks in advance.

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Sexy mods with many devices not setup properly by Lost Vape, and numerous complaints of their SS curve. For your mod resistance a conservative value (lower) is better than higher.

The solid copper tool no longer works on 200 series boards

Here's a link for a quick and dirty method. https://evolvapor.forumchitchat.com/post?id=7522239&trail=75

Read from post 72 onwards. OR, here's the short version.

Mod resistance calibration (giz method)

  • A coil will work, but the Test is best run with about a 4in. - 6in. piece of tc wire across an RDA build decks posts. 
  • In Escribe (mod tab), set Mod Resistance to 0. 
  • In wire profile, Power = 1 Temp = 0 / Preheat temp = 1 preheat Punch = 1 Preheat Time Limit = 0. 
  • Upload To Device...attach deck with coil or wire to mod...pulse (quick) fire to get mod to check cold ohms (if new coil question asked, answer yes)...
  • Run Atomizer Analyzer ... allow wire to cool back to room temperature (extremely important) & subtract the Cold Ohms from the Raw Ohms... 

The difference will be the Mod Resistance..

Run your own 'thermal characteristics' - 3 hours Same tab (mod) as your battery info lower down. Watch this video.


  • DELETE the SS material file, and load the Steam-engine version 

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