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Does anyone on here know of a site where they have different profiles available for download.. I.e. Ni200 coil for uwell crown tank, or .1 titanium coils for the uwell Rafael or profiles for the 2 different coils for the herkales plus .. Profiles like that.. I got a Vaporshark dna200 and it had a couple of profiles in it but just generic ni200 or titanium profiles.. Could someone please point me in the right direction for different profile files for different coils for different tanks.. I would really appreciate it.. I don't thing people understood what I was talking about before, but I was told by an "expert" to phrase it like that and all the people on the forum would understand why I'm getting at/looking for. Any links to sites or within the forum would be great!!
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http://www.steam-engine.org/#wirewizard and load the dna version im afraid besides from some battery profiles and dna200 groups on fb and what not is all down to each user to set. 
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