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Why do we have all the accuracy and the ability to make minute adjustments with this chip but preheat punch we have an arbitrary number 1-11? And why 1 - 11, most people would use 1-10.

If I want to set it to 50° below my set temp, what number do I pick?

I request to get rid of the slider and just type in the degree offset i want.

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Think I read somewhere that 1 would be 160F below set point, 5 would be 100F below set point and 11 would be 10F below set point. Don't recall if that is with preheat set to 200 watts.  Disclaimer- my memory is not what it used to be.  John or James can po-po my post with a more accurate explanation. [biggrin]
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Originally Posted by Spirometry
And why 1 - 11, most people would use 1-10.

I'm guessing this is why. [wink]

What I would like to see, was a percentage instead of a fixed preheat wattage. So e.g. with a setting of 300%, when you're vaping at 10W, the preheat is at 30W, and when you're vaping at 50W, the preheat is 150W.

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