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I did notice that, but surely if I haven't put a 'Toggle' control on a screen to control that fuction, it just gets that setting from the main Escribe software, general tab.


For me it just keeps locking the device after 1min and ignoring the check box. I have even reverted back to the Evolv default theme and still it happens, must be an issue.


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Originally Posted by dwaindablane
Is anyone else experiencing issues with the auto lock feature?

When you un-check the box "Automatically lock when idle" in the general tab, it ignores the selection and continues to lock the device at the predefined time that had previously been set.

Yup...same thing happening here as well...I caught that earlier on, but just kinda got used to it...[biggrin]  Keeps locking no matter what you have it set for..either on the 'General' tab OR on the 'Lock' screen in the theme...

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I spose the general tab would over rule the setting, but I have been controlling it on the mod a lot lately, sometimes I have it a 5 mins sometimes 60 mins and sometimes off.  I have just done a quick test setting to 1 min and checking it locked after a minute, then turning looked off and checking after 2 mins that it is unlocked, the second test failed, but connecting to EScribe it cleared the checkbox on the general tab and it is still clear on the mod. So it is looking like auto lock is not working, but I recall it working during the testing, for now I would max the lock time as a workaround.
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Yep.... noticed this a while back and just set it to 240 minutes to lock.... workaround is just 5 click to lock/unlock for me.... [smile]
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