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Firstly, i would like to say hello to anyone!

I'm a newbie of building custom box. Today, i try to move a board (DNA 200) from my old mod box to new one. Sadly, when i assembled, a component was broken.
(red square on my picture)
So my question is, what is a component and what function of this? 
So will my board working properly without this component ? 
If won't how can i fix it? 
Anyway thank for you help. 
Sorry about my bad english 





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It is an inductor that I believe is for the voltage conversion for the charging circuit, you will need to exchange the board, open a ticket with Evolv they will probably replace the board for free, you pay the postage to send it to them.
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I have also broken one of thoes in the past, and also while removing the board, ,,they have a little copper winding inside and the black outer shell is very brittle, it will crush and chip very easily, evolv swapped mine for me,,,
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