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carl cipriano

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Simple question.. First, I don't have aDNA... Not strictly true, I do have aDNA30 board in my clouper mini, but I own an rx200 and an rx2/3...I absolutely understand the reasoning behind marrying batteries etc..... Here's the thing:

I just purchased a new rx2/3, which I plan on using with dual batteries as the mod to take with me wherever I go, and keep my older rx200 at home, where it vapes well and also serves as a nice paper weight Lol. Okay... So... I have 3 vtc's, 6 Samsung 25r's, and I just purchased 3 LG hb2's (I think, the important thing is that they are the LG's that are 3000mah and 20 amp s)..

So my question - I was using an evic mini for the last month as my daily vape when I was not at home - I kept 2 sets of 3 batteries separate for use in the tx200, but I used one of my Samsung 25r's every 3rd day or so in my evic mini. My question is, since I only did that for around a month or so, if I charge two of my Samsung 25r's together and they charge evenly, can I safely use them in the Rx 2/3??

Thank you [smile]

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I'll go out on a limb and say IF the batteries are the same model, are the same "age" in terms of cycles and start and end at the same time they would be relatively safe to use as a "married" pair.  I am using some HE2s as a married pair that were used as singles for a few months with no problems, so far, knock on wood and do the eggplant dance.
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