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Link to EScribe Software - http://www.evolvapor.com/software/SetupES.exe

Link to pre-release and previous versions of EScribe Software - http://evolvapor.forumchitchat.com/post/early-firmware-7508618

Link to the EScribe Manual - http://www.evolvapor.com/manuals/EScribeManual.pdf

Link to EScribe interactive guide/tutorial (mostly finished) - http://www.evolvapor.com/guide/story.html

DNA200 data sheet - pdf DNA_200_data_sheet.pdf     

Screen connector detail - MI12832DOconnector.TIF  

Screen detail (ribbon length isn't accurate but everything else is) - pdf Large DNA Screen.pdf     

3D models of the DNA 200 board in both Step and Iges formats - zip dna200board.zip     

Evolv Reference Mod Files:
IGES Files - zip DNA200CaseIGES.zip     
Solidworks 2015 Files - zip DNA200Case.zip     

Evolv Reference Mod materials:
- The case is just good old 6061-T6 aluminum. 
- The buttons are 303 stainless, as is the connector body. 
- The insulator is Ultem 1000
- The center pin is C18000 copper
- The spring is Lee Spring LW 025 02 0100S
- The snap ring is 15mm
- The case screws as 2-56 pan head .75" long stainless steel
- The board attachment screws are 0-80 round head .1875" long stainless steel

Master FAQ List:

Q: What's the Absolute Maximum Input Voltage? (regarding using a power supply)
A: Absolute max is 16v.

(In reference to the above question....regarding using a power supply) 
Q: Will this work with the balance charger port not connected? Seems like the firmware would think there is a cell problem.
A: The easiest way around that is set up a three resistor divider to generate "cell" voltages for the balancer to see. You can also disable battery monitoring entirely, which is for fixed installations only, but is useful if you're building the board into a research smoking machine, or something like that.

Q: Is Mac software available?
A: Not in the near term. We have a number of beta testers using parallels, which works reasonably well. All our new products from here on out will have this sort of functionality, so maybe a native Mac version in q4 or 2016, but it isn't on our firm development schedule yet.

Q: What is the recommended wire gauge/specs for the battery balance connector?
A: The max current the JST sees is the 40mA balance current, so pretty much anything will work. I would use about 28 gauge myself.

Q: What is the battery requirment?
A: Battery needs to be a 3S LiPo/LiFePo4/IMR lithium type battery capable of handling a constant load of the max 23 amps. Having some overhead is always a good thing.

Q: Considering there is an onboard fuse on the DNA200, is it still recommended to fuse the LIPO?
A: The fuse is directly inline with the battery, and is a tertiary protection as is. It should only come into play in the event of catastrophic board failure or unprotected reversed battery. That said, if you have space I will never argue against an extra fuse.

Q: From a developers standpoint, what is the interfacing to this? Is it JS in eclipse? or higher level? I am interested in building discreet/custom wire profiles for our various wire products. Is it going to be possible to build non-linear PTC scalars? I.E. develop a TC scalar for each discreet product. We have the necessary gear in our lab to test calibrations at various energy/heat levels. I would like to give my customers a downloadable file for each of our wire compositions and sizes.
A: You can build custom curves. No programming is necessary, they go in as csv files.

Q: I can't open any of the Solidworks files using Solidworks 2014.
A: Solidworks files are Solidworks 2015 files. Previous versions of Solidworks and other 3D cad programs should be able to use the IGES files.

Q: Will the Evolv Reference Mod enclosure be available to for purchase?
A: That is the plan but I have no idea when those will be available. They will be sold as DIY kits. Tumbled raw aluminum cases like the betas. They'll include the buttons and the reference 510 connector.

Q: Will DNA40 large screens work with a DNA200?
A: Large screens with the green tabbed film on them will work with the DNA40 and 200.  Screens with the red tabbed film will only work on the DNA200.  No components from any manufacturers other than Evolv are compatible with our boards, or have been tested.  UPDATE the colour of the tab is no-longer an identifier, see this thread.

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