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I'd imagine they're a bit busy at the moment, DNA60 time


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we wait for so long it's just crazy and no words about this??? what happens EVOLV??? have some communication about this DAMNED!!!

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A huge thanks for the guide you posted. 

I fumbled about the first time I tried Virtualbox (VB) and got it right the second time -- when I read your instructions more carefully and did everything step by step. 

I've successfully installed Win 10 on my 2016 Macbook 12" running El Capitan. I have a Triade DNA250.

Just a few notes:
1) After I rebooted my Win 10 and plugged in the device, I had to go to VB's "Devices" menu, click on USB, and then click on the device. Win 10 then recognized the mod and so did Escribe. No problems or hitches.

2) For anyone who wants a walkthrough on the install process, I used this one:

It's missing one step after #6 -- VB will ask for the space allocation (which following the tutorial above should be around 32GB). So just set your space.

3) The Win 10 experience in VB isn't smooth. The VB "captures" the Mac's cursor. Sometimes there's lag time. Also, multi-tasking, at least on my Macbook 12, is wonky as well. I only have 8GB of RAM and I followed the recommended 4GB virtual RAM for VB. I'm not sure if that's part of the problem. 

4) Win 10 is pretty. I have to use it in the office and it has a decent interface -- much better than Win 8. 


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Device Monitor screenshots are the best way to aid in troubleshooting. For those that might have forgotten, here's a quick reminder.

Print Screen for Mac Users;

Entire Screen - Command Shift 3
Selective portion of a screen - Command Shift 4.
Images will be placed on the desktop called "Screen Shot date at time"

My old tired eyes don't look at skewed, moire filled cell phone photos. Printscreen - Sniping tool or [ALT]+[PRT SCN], open MSPaint and paste [CTRL]+[V]
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