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As the headline states! I've been using nothing but dna products since my very first month of vapn back in the dna 20 days, sticking with Hana modz products thru there whole overpriced $250 pricetag days. Almost bought a fazed box mod before they went out of business. Never realizing the day would come where we would supply overseas with our own brand of electronics. I have to say for me that was a proud moment to be an American. Hell yeah dna walks all over yihi, always have and always will. Of course evolve invented temperature control, all else have followed!! Anywho to the point, I have to say the new firmware in this dna 250 with its ability to monitor and regulate temperature with stainless steel wire is absolutely amazing. I been vapin nothing but 24 guage s/s clapton wire since I got this thing and it's perfect vapin all the way thru, as if I'm vapin nickel wire in the dna 40 but even better. I half expected not so good results not so much from the s/s wire but from the clapton s/s. That's all just wanted to share my thoughts with anyone bored and interested to read....

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I've got to agree that the dna 200/250 with SS claptons is the best vape I've found too [smile]

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I have 6 250's and like 16 or 17 200's so I feel ya. Even with the new firmware on the 200, SS vape in temp control is phenomenal. Now, I'm waiting for the 250c. Lol .I will be getting a 75c just to get my feet wet with the new board. 75 watts is not enough for me. Even right now, I'm running my Theron 133 with fused stainless Clapton in temp control at 90 watts and 440 degrees. Perfect vape going on!!!!!
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