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Hello, I just received my new Drone today and it has stopped working in less than 30 puffs. I press the fire button and the Lost Vape logo just flashes on then off. Holding the fire button gives the check battery/atty screen. I ran the escribe software on the mod and it shows the USB voltage as the total pack voltage with no current being drawn and no charging symbol present while hooked up to the software. With one battery removed the voltage drops from 5.1 to 2.8 to 2.3 depending on the cell removed but always shows Cell#1 with no voltage. I have done a soft and hard reboot and reinstalled the Lost Vape ecig file from the website. I am really not trying to send this back to China and I have read some horror stories about Lost Vapes customer service. Any help is appreciated before I rip into this beast.

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Ripping into it will void the Lost Vape warranty.... Cell 1 with no voltage could mean a bad connection in the battery sled or other wiring connectivity/grounding issues.  As new as it is just contact Lost Vape Repair Center (US):


I am not an employee of and do not represent Evolv Inc.  My opinions are just that and are not meant to be fact or even correct.

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