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Hi, everyone!

So I have read thru these posts:

...but I still have questions. 

As I understand it, I can power a single SMD led for the individual buttons upon their respective activation (e.g. the fire button + LED), but I was wondering if it's possible to power an LED strip in the same manner -- lighting up only when the power button is pressed.

I imagine the power output there isn't high enough to drive the LED strip, though (approximately 3 to 6 LEDs) seeing as how everything I've found with a black PCB requires a 12V power supply.

Perhaps a relay between the fire button LED out and a direct tap to the batt in?

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thank you.


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  I just made a post about LED now asking a couple different questions but somewhat related to your question.

 I did mine soldered directly to the fire button and that is a active high +12vdc.   What I asked is what the limit is for current draw from this location.   The only disadvantage is that its active even of the board is locked.

Here is the link to it in case responses may help you out as well.

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