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I honestly don't know if it's possible but any form of feedback would be awesome.  I am a training electrical engineer and an avid coder.  I could do the coding but honestly idk the specs of the board and if it would be possible to hook a bluetooth module up to the board.  Maybe a simple dongul that hooks to microusb?  Any ideas or anything should be voiced in this thread.

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Yeah sure it is possible. By USB, you could send script commands like the following to poll data and to set things. Here are some examples.

Fire: F=#S (1-20)
Set Power Setting: P=#W
Set Temperature Setting: T=#C or T=#F or T=OFF
Set Profile: M=# (1 to 8)

Get Power: P=GET
Get Power Setting: P=GET SP
Get Temperature: T=GET
Get Temperature Setting: T=GET SP
Get Voltage: V=GET
Get Current: I=GET
Get Profile: M=GET
Get Battery: B=GET
Get Battery Cell: B=GET CELL # (1 to 3)
Get Battery Capacity: C=GET
Get Resistance: R=GET

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