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hiya guys, this is my first time post so sorry if I make mistakes in my grammar...

this is my first time using Finder DNA 133, and I'm using CoilArt Azeroth RDTA with kanthal A1 26. at this point is fine until I realize when my cotton broke although I already changed it 2 hours ago. when I check my settings it's said "Preset 1 Nickel 200" until "Preset 8 Nickel 200". I just got my mod 3 days ago so I don't know if it's already EScribed or no. before using Finder DNA 133, I used Skar DNA 75 and never had this problem. do you guys know how to change my settings into Kanthal A1? HELP!!

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It will check for the resistance rising would mean it had increased temp by 185 F in the first 2 seconds before using preheat or temp sensing so would work just like Kanthal anyway.  You want to change the material type to "watts" or check "Temperature" "off" the  in a profile to make it always be in power mode.
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It also appears that your Finder 133 has not had the different profiles setup for different wire types. Personally, If you're happy with the SKAR, I'd save the profiles that are on it individually, then I'd load those same profiles (don't forget materials) in the same order on your Finder. That way you don't need to relearn the way either mod is configured.
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