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Originally Posted by SteveF
Have you set the mod resistance to zero and uploaded it to the device?

yes..  I have found that if I have a tank on it when connected the resistance changes as i unscrew it and screw it back on.. it only stays with a ? mark when I have the copper 510 connected..  Based on what other said I think my mod resistance is so low that it isn't picking up.. which is a good thing I think..  The only problem now is do I set it to 0 or 0.002.. also at the low resistance would it even change the vape experience by setting it to 0 or 0.002

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I would just leave it at zero as lower is safer than higher, not that it is actually unsafe just more consistent than if you over estimate the res from what I can remember reading.
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I've used the copper calibration tool to set my vt75 and my vt75 Nano. Try setting the mod resistance to 0 uploading then measuring. It works. It's worked since the first firmware release.

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Which ohms do you use? There is raw ohms, nominal ohms (Kanthal and Temp), and cold ohms. So which one do you use?
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