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Hello everyone, first post here.

It would be terriffic to have the option to gradually ramp up / step down power in power mode with Kanthal. What I'm thinking about is setting a normal operating wattage (e.g. 50W) and another different wattage (e.g. 150W) as well as a time scale (e.g. 2 seconds). Then the power would gradually increase/decrease until it reaches the normal operating wattage after the set time interval. This would allow bigger Kanthal builds with clapton coils and such to ramp up quickly, outside of temp control. Just to be future proof, it would be nice to be able to set the initial wattage lower than the normal operating one - i.e. slowly increasing power to experience various flavours at different temps (a feature I heard about in another box mod on the market). That would be awesome!


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Interesting information from a thread I made a while back. Hope this helps.

Edit: I personally didn't find much help with changing the mod resistance to reach the desired result you're addressing. Ramp up was the same. Still feel that we need this one feature for the DNA200 to be #1

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Well we always had control of the ramp up time, even on a mech mod. The higher the resistance the slower the ramp up (meaning temperature). The lower the resistance the faster the ramp up.
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