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Well it's just that I wasn't aware of this way of operating. Prior to the DNA200 I grabbed around the date I registered to this forum, my experience with resistance lock from another company's firmware was that it was ment for atomizers having resistance varying due to other factors than temperature. For example a 510 pin not doing contact very well with the mod, or not so good build quality. And when the resistance was unlocked, it was keeping reading the temperature to get a more acurate (I reckon average) value, to output more acurate results.

I had been doing a profile per atomizer since the update allowing to change materials, but never ever locked the resistance, just using one of my workaround if I needed to recalibrate. In the end, I was just using any preset, adjusting on the fly, as I usually do pretty much all the time the same builds. Now with a better understanding of how this works it's not going to be the same. [smile]

BTW, is the refining ment to do several resistance tests to do an average too ?

Also is there a manual, wiki, or anything like that explaining all this ?

Originally Posted by retird
preheats can also be set in profiles

Yes, but it's typically something that needs some playing around with values, and with its 3 parameters it could be in a menu on the mod.
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