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We have a setting in escribe that describes the "active time", which currently only dictates how long the screen will be lit at the brightness set for the "active time".  It would be great if while in active mode, we were given another set of screen field values to change within escribe.

My thought is it would work something like this:

I take a puff off of my device, and I am able to view the amps, volts, and temperature.  While taking the puff I have my firing brightness set to 100, and then for the next 10 seconds my active brightness is set to 85.  I continue to have the same set of values available on the screen, but then after the 10 seconds the device goes into idle.

Once in idle my screen goes to 50% brightness, as set in escribe, but now my screen values change to show puff count, battery voltage, and and last temperature.

After that 60 seconds of idle time the display "turns off".

Ultimately leading to the option to customize three different display screen fields.  

1. Charging: you see one skew of customizable screen fields
2. Active: vaping/active duration you see one skew of customizable screen fields
3. Idle: another skew of customizable screen fields available for set idle time.               

I hope that makes sense, and with all of the options the dna has to offer, it would be nice having another chance to take advantage of them.

Thanks for reading, and thank you Evolv.


It would also be nice if we could decide how long buttons must be held to access changes on the board.  I can tell it's definitely not as long as it used to be, but I would love if I could go in escribe and set that to one second.  So, when I lock the device, and hold the up and down buttons, it takes a specifically set amount of time before allowing me into the change temp screen.  And the same for holding up and fire or down and fire to get the screen to go right/left.  Some people probably want it longer, some people want to set it to instantly.

Hmm...Why not allow us to change what the "shortcuts" are to get into these features all together.  Maybe I want to change my temperature by holding the up and down buttons, not being in locked mode.   Or I want that to go into stealth mode.  If we had the ability to change all of those, that would be awesome.  Plus the ability to change the duration needed of the buttons held to get there.  Sounds good to me.

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