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I will try to keep all files, links, and etc. for the DNA 200 and EScribe in this thread.


Q: Is Mac software available?
A: Not in the near term. We have a number of beta testers using parallels, which works reasonably well. All our new products from here on out will have this sort of functionality, so maybe a native Mac version in q4 or 2016, but it isn't on our firm development schedule yet.

Q: From a developers standpoint, what is the interfacing to this? Is it JS in eclipse? or higher level? I am interested in building discreet/custom wire profiles for our various wire products. Is it going to be possible to build non-linear PTC scalars? I.E. develop a TC scalar for each discreet product. We have the necessary gear in our lab to test calibrations at various energy/heat levels. I would like to give my customers a downloadable file for each of our wire compositions and sizes.
A: You can build custom curves. No programming is necessary, they go in as csv files.

Q: Where is the Mod tab in EScribe Version 1.2?
A: EScribe now has 4 display modes accessible through the menu under Options - Interface.
The differences in each mode compared to the previous versions are:
 Clean:             no Mod or Research tabs and no Atomizer Analyzer.
 Advanced:       no Research tab and only Charging Mode and Kanthal Power Limit on mod tab
 Researcher:     only Charging Mode and Kanthal Power Limit on mod tab
 Manufacturer:  same as the previous version with the Manufacturer settings on the mod tab expanded

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