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Hi guys, 

I've been vaping for about 3 years and have been using Kanthal wattage mode only.

*** Recently purchased Hcigar VT 75 and Therion 166 hoping to explore TC mode with Titanium and Stainless Steel 316L.***

I've been researching and tried many things by myself and came up with problems and question.

1. Profile
   - There is about 7-8 basic profile for nickel, titanium, watt, stainless and etc. If i'm using one of the wire, it is ok for me to just use basic profile that is in my device by adjusting temperature to my need?

2. Downloading TFR from STEAM
    - Since I've purchased SS 316L wire (24,26,28g), I can just select SS 316L from wire wizard and add it to my wire type and use it for all size SS 316L? (graph and numbers seems all same even if I select different size SS 316L)

3. adding profile from General Tab.
   - from General tab, there is an option to select a wire and below, there is a tab to add profile and it only allow file form of *.ecigprofile. What is this??? I cannot find any info on this.... Or has this been replaced by ADD Wire type???

4. Pre heat and Wattage setting from Escribe (Ex: 0.5ohm SS316L)
   - is there a guide that I need to follow pre heat wattage and wattage for tc mode?
   - As far as I know, TC mode will cut your device off once it goes over set temperature. Does this mean I can put 100W for pre heat and set wattage as 166 and my device will not reach that wattage once it reaches the temperature??? 

5. anything else I should know???

Hope to find above answers.
Thank you guys in advance for your help.


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1.  Yes, as long as the watts are high enough for you setting the wire type and temp will get you going.

2.  Wire/material profiles are for the metal type regardless of wire size, I use the onboard SS316 profile for SS316L myself.

3.  .ecifprofile files are all the settings on one profile tab.

4.  Yes preheat will cut off when the time is up or you get close to temp, that's the punch setting IIRC 1 = within 165 F and 11 = within 10 F of the main temperature.  150% - 200% of the main power setting is a sensible range.

5.  Using temp mode I would set the power just a bit higher than you like in case you select the wrong profile or have a connection issue, but they still work just as well with the watts maxed letting the temp setting control the power.

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