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Just a suggestion for Escribe, there should be a feature somewhere in there, I'd imagine Device Monitor, where the program can give out an estimated amount time until your DNA200 is fully charged. Just an idea for the next Escribe update!
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Charging through a windows computer is going to be very slow anyway most only put out 500ma, as default, compared to a battery charger to the board will take 1000ma, and then looking at your battery icon on modscreen as standard should indicate a level, batterys are strange creatures, one can get used to how long they take to charge in their entirety, but there isnt an even rate..might be an even distribution of power to a tripple or twin via the charger, but the final equal ballance seems to take longest (like a watched kettle never boils)
i think strange computer logic against logic for a computer to come up with a rough guess (ESSTIMATE)
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