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Hi guys,

I received a Therion 75 and when I try to do a battery test under Escribe with a coil of 1 ohm with 24Ga kanthal at a power of 40 watt I have this message "Ohm to high" Is it normal? Should I make a lowercoil ? Trying the test with less Watt?
I found this info for a dna 200 but I'm not sure if this is the same for a DNA75
I found various CSV for my battery (SAMSUNG INR 18650-25R) but most of time there is one or 3 battery
in the box. Did it change something.
I have 2 battery in my Therion
Thanks for your answer.


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You need a resistance less then or equal to 0.5 ohm to get full power, for 40 W you should be able to use 0.9 ohm.  It is the output voltage limit of 6.2 V that determines the max res at any power setting, there is a graph in the specsheet or you can calculate by (6.2 * 6.2)/power.
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