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Doing a screen replacement on a mod I built was going great, mod checked out fine outside of the enclosure, and after securing the screen in (using scotch tape, this is a prototype) and getting everything in, the whole mod stops working. Going into device monitor I can see all of everything as normal, and puff through the software, but the screen is still blank, and the on board buttons do nothing.

Edit: It seems that I somehow managed to damage the ribbon cable. I can't see any damage, but I figured out that the board was locked and then the mod worked with out any display. I assume it doesn't take much to mess up these ribbon cables?

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Excellent that you discovered that the mod was locked and that the chip itself is fine.  As to the screen and cable, yes I too tend to beat them up when testing out a new enclosure design. Most modders or case designers I know of have eaten at least one.  I have defaulted to using a dead screen for such purposes for that very reason.  A few rough installs is frequently enough to bust them.  I have also started testing enclosures without the ribbon connected initially (for the DNA200, not for the 40 and others as I now have dead boards and screens for each of those that I can test with).  They are cheap to replace:


Additionally, Evolv may stary carrying them on their website, that that is just a suggestion at this point.
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