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Originally Posted by klaz
also is there any difference for your .csv and JimScotty0 's .csv?QUOTE]

The 2 are very close...according to his post, he had only run his cells through 1 charge/discharge cycle...it can take several cycles to wake the cells up to their max potential, but, depending on circumstances, you will probably never find any 2 .csv generated with the battery analyzer exactly the same...

what about this question??

i have run mine vtc6 and giveme 29,09

Understand that these settings are only going to help the battery indicator on the device to be a bit more accurate...has no effect on the battery life or run time. Again, depending on circumstance, you will probably never find any 2 Wh's generated with the battery analyzer exactly the same...use what works for you!

Originally Posted by klaz
and why you put so low your cut off in 2,75?i think the safer is 2,8 and up.

2.75 is a safe value for the cell soft cutoff for the 18650's, but if you feel 2.8 is safer, then by all means...this is only a cell SOFT cutoff value, where the board will throttle back the wattage & you will get the Weak Battery message(flashing battery indicator)...IIRC, for safety reasons, the board will shut down at 2.5v & you will get the Check Battery message...The higher you set the cell soft cutoff value for, the sooner the board will start throttling back the wattage...
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