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I have been using my Hcigar VT 75 for quite a while. It has not been functioning well recently. When firing, some random 5 or 6 digit number is being displayed. More seriously, the resistance is not metered well anymore. Every time I try to fire, the resistance on the display is raised by huge steps. For instance, a resistance of 0.22 Ohm will soon be doubled, resulting in a failure to fire at all.

I have tried several firmware versions, but the problem occurs with any firmware version. I'm afraid that means I have a hardware problem.

Does anybody recognise the problem? Any suggestions how to solve it? Thanks in advance!

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Most likely a grounding problem (lack of) at the board mounting screws and/or 510
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Will need some more info...wire type?...atomizer?....TC or power mode?...etc...Have you checked resistance stability with the Atomizer Analyzer in Escribe?
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