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Hi, this is a super new problem ive just come across. It is more than likley an issue with my computer and not escribe or anything. So i am hoping someone here is a little more tech savvy than me.

ive created CSV files with wire wizard before, saved them and opened them in escribe no problem. Today however i went to make a file for SS. I saved the file and the file shows up in my documents where i saved it, but when i go to load the file in escribe the CSV is does not show up in the location.

I have saved it to 3 different locations (downloads, documents, and desktop to be super sure its saving). I will then open my computer tab to make sure its still in the file where i have saved it. 

Nothing has helped and no matter where i save it the file "doesnt exist" or even show up in the folder. Is This something to do with my partition coming to its final days or is this some weird bug? i have installed the last 3 versions of escribe as well with no luck.

im using my SS in power mode for now but i have lots of ni80 and kanthal if i want to use power :/

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The only thing that comes to mind is the file extension might not be .csv, it probably saved as a .txt file extension. If so change the file extension to .csv and it should work fine.

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