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Hello All,

Only had my Therion 166 for a few weeks now, but after seeing some of the posts in "Themes and Custom Screens" I thought that I HAD to pimp my rig ! [biggrin]

So a big thank you to :
@Mikla for the really useful utility.
@Micha for the GOODTIMESVT200_V2 theme - love it !
@Koofteh for the Therion start screen.
@SteveAdams86 for the Goblin Mini screen.
@lexalove for the Snapdragon screen (very cool !)

Here is my attempt for the Augvape Merlin Mini:


BTW, and I'm sorry if I'm telling you all something you already know ! But I found a really useful website that allows you to copy a picture into it, and it finds the best match for the font.

You then still have to find the font (and try to avoid having to pay for it !!) but it was very useful to get a close match to the Augvape font.

Anyway .. to my question:

Can the main (home) screen be modified ? 

This:  default menu.png 

The reason is that unlike what is shown from the capture, the battery icon and the M of the Merl profile name sort of merge together so that the outer white line of the battery is not there.
Also I find it harder to see because the battery and info text are very close to each other.

It would be nice to be able to move the text to the right by a few pixels, and also is it possible to increase the characters allowed for the profile name so that it could display "Merlin" ?
There is a good amount of space between the info text and the temp display, and I just think it would look nicer (and be easier to see) if the info stuff was more centralised.

Something like this:

default menu modified.png 

Or am I asking \ expecting a bit much of the tweaking capabilities in EScribe ??

Thanks all


I've Evolv'd !!

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sorry Damian, you can't physically move the fields from one place to another.
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Oh well ... asking too much [biggrin]

Thanks ChunkyButt200

I've Evolv'd !!
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