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Usually i just clean it wit a swab, but from time to time i like to clean it very well, so i use metal cleaner in the swab. Is it ok to use also contact cleaner, or it can harm something there? I also noticed that sometimes the central pin gets a bit dry and will not work at its best. What could be a good lubricant to put there? Or is it something to avoid?
I have some dielectric paste that stands high temperatures. Putting just a bit of that in central pin (where it slides - not on top) may be good idea? I already used that on mechanical mods (it was part of solution with my stingrays sticky button) but this is a totally different beast [biggrin]
Some silicone spray could be an option too? I wanted something that lubricates but do not interfere with current or resistence.
Thanks in advance for your advices

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I stuff tissue in mine to clean the female threads and scratch the top of the centre pin with a sharp screwdriver,,, when the centerpin has become sticky, (like jamed in the bottom of the 510, and not springloaded) i have lubed it with a single drop of motor oil, then worked it ip and down with tweezers, then swabed up any exess with moor tissue, . Most 510 connectors have some kind of seal in there so you should be ok, nothing should run into the mod..
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