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I am new to the forum as well as escibe. I have been watching several tutorials & believe I have everything set right for my dna75. But the examples I watched seem to be slightly different from current software version. I have 2 questions:
1. Is the atomizer analyzer button still available? Have profiles loaded and say I am under GENERAL TAB then PROFILE 1,2, etc From what I saw AA should be at bottom of the page but it is not on my screen.
2. Loading profiles correctly?
Now it looks like you go under MATERIALS tab then import material/CSV from SE then put said material on device. Then under GENERAL , Profile 1 you just select that material & you are good to go. Correct?
Thanks in advance!

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1 You now need to set Options - User Interface - Advanced to see AA button.
2 yes that's correct

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Ahh, ok thanks!!
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