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[rofl] the screen change was quite easy actually I wrote a quick guide here it was me being silly when powering it up again,  yep "right of passage" alright.
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This DNA200 I just built is only my 3rd DNA mod I've made, but I haven't cracked a screen **YET** lol... cross my fingers...  I've always been terrified of messing up the screens, I'm 3 times more gentle when setting the screen in place as I am with any other part of the build.  To get the DNA200's screen in place in front of the hole in my 3D-printed enclosure, I had to fold my screen in sort of a W shape,,,like back, forward, back, then forward again... Man it was nerve racking... while I was folding the ribbon my entire body was incredibly tense.  Those screens aren't anything to mess around with.
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